Academics Structure


The academic structure of the university is based on Faculties and Departments, General Studies Unit and College of Basic Studies, College of Health Sciences, in addition there is a school of Postgraduate Studies.


The University currently comprises the following Faculties at the Kaduna Campus:

  1. Faculty of Arts
  2. Faculty of Science
  3. Faculty of Social and Management Sciences
  4. College of Health Sciences
  5. Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences
  6. College of Basic Studies
  7. Faculty of Agriculture
  8. Faculty of Environmental Sciences
  9. Entrepreneurship Research and Development Centre




Faculty of Arts                                                                      

Department                                                                           Programme

Arabic                                                                          B.A. Arabic

Christian Religious Studies                                      B.A. CRS

English and Drama                                                    B.A. English

French                                                                         B.A. French

History                                                                         B.A. History

Islamic Studies                                                            B.A. Islamic Studies

Nigerian Langs, and Lings.                                          B.A. Hausa


Faculty of Science

Department                                                               Programme

Biochemistry                                                               B.Sc. Biochemistry

Biological Sciences                                                     B.Sc. Biology

Chemistry                                                                    B.Sc. Chemistry

                                                                                     B. Sc. Ind. Chemistry

Geography                                                                  B.Sc. Geography

Mathematical Sciences                                             B.Sc. Mathematics

Computer Science                                                     B.Sc. Comp. Science

Microbiology                                                              B.Sc. Microbiology

Physics                                                                         B.Sc. Physics


Faculty of Social and Management Sciences

Department                                                               Programme

Accounting                                                                  B.Sc. Accounting

Business Administration                                             B.Sc. Business Admin.

Economics                                                                   B.Sc. Economics

Mass Communication                                                 B.Sc. Mass Comm.

Political Science                                                          B.Sc. Pol. Science

Sociology                                                                     B.Sc. Sociology


Faculty of Medicine

Medicine                                                                     MBBS


Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Department                                                               Programme

Pharmacy                                                                    B. Pharm.


At the Kafanchan Campus we have the following Faculties:


Faculty of Agriculture

Department                                                               Programme

Agriculture                                                                  B.Agric.


Faculty of Environmental Sciences

Department                                                               Programme

Architecture                                                                B.Sc. Arc.

Environmental Management                                     B.Sc.    Env.Mgt.

Estate Management                                                   B.Sc.    Estate Mgt.

Quantity Surveying                                                     B.Sc.    Quantity Surveying




Undergraduate Programmes: The general admission requirements are five credit passes in relevant subjects including English Language at the SSCE level.

  1. 100 Level: An acceptable UME score and five credit passes in which one should to be in English Language and four relevant subjects (depending on the degree programme entry requirement) obtained at the SSCE or its equivalent at NOT more than two sittings.
  2. Direct Entry: The University does not admit direct entry candidates for now.


Postgraduate Programmes: In addition to the first degrees, the university commenced Postgraduate Diploma and Masters degree and will run Doctorate degree Programmes.

  1. Candidates for the Masters Degree programmes must be holders of first degrees from recognized universities with a minimum of Second Class Honors or other equivalent qualification.
  2. Candidates for the Doctorate Degree programmes must have a Masters Degree from recognized universities or equivalent.



The minimum duration for the degree programmes is as follows:



  1. Arts                                                      4 years
  2. Science                                                4 years
  3. Social and Management Sciences      4 years
  4. Medicine                                             6 years
  5. Pharmacy                                            5 years
  6. Agriculture                                          5 years
  7. Architecture                                        5 years
  8. Environmental Management             5 years
  9. Estate Management                           5 years
  10. Quantity Surveying                             5 years



To graduate a student must undergo 4-6 years of study depending on the course of study. A four-year degree programme could attract a maximum of six years for graduation, while a six year degree programme could attract a maximum of nine years for graduation. The University requires that minimum course work load must be met before a student graduates. To be awarded the first degree, a student must complete the following credit units depending on the faculty and course of study.


4-year degree programme-minimum of 120 credit units

6-year degree programme - minimum of 180 credit units