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Kaduna State University (KASU), Kaduna, Nigeria is a recognized teaching and research institution.

At KASU we are focused on student success. KASU have a culture that sincerely wants every student to succeed. In this respect, KASU has been ranked as the second most sought after university of choice by candidates applying to state owned universities in Nigeria.

Our faculty are focused on teaching excellence.KASU provides facilities and learning support services across campus locations. The university is investing and will continue to invest heavily on information and communication technologies, and other learning facilities.

KASU is well known for its emphasis to research. KASU’s research efforts is attracting regional and international collaborations. For instance, faculty members in Pharmaceutical sciences are partnering with scholars in Germany on………Similarly, KASU scholars in College of Health Sciences have undertaken collaborative research with scholars in Italy on…. .  In the coming years KASU will reinforce research by fostering on health and wellbeing, sustainable development, wealth creation, poverty reduction, and global peace. We are investing heavily to create a stronger partnerships with regional, and internationalinstitutions.

Over the last decade, the collective efforts of KASU faculty and staff to provide a top-notch university experience for student is paying off. In less than two decades after opening its doors for the first time, KASU have earned full accreditation in all courses during the recent May 2017 National University Commission accreditation exercises. This demonstrate our extraordinary commitment to scholarship and student successes.

Our university is pleased to receive donationOurdonation program invites individuals, organizations, and businesses topartner with KASU in advancing research, teaching, and learning. In addition KASU welcome organizations and individuals to fund professorial chairs. For details about KASU priority initiatives visit …….

KASUis one of Nigeria’s great success stories. To learn more about KASU, and the many educational and learning opportunities that we offer, I urge you to explore our website.

Please contact me at ……. if you have observations, comments, concerns, or suggestions.


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